Saturday, 18 September 2010

In Tokyo

上:新しく名刺を作りました。! ワイワイ

今 展示会準備のため一時帰国中です。
日本 暑いです。
かといって へばっている時間もないので とにかくバタバタ動いています。

そろそろフレーム入れは完了。でも ムービーの編集や説明文の邦語訳などまだまだ仕事がたくさん、

ああ 万事うまく行きますように!

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Thursday, 2 September 2010

on the other day

on the other day

On the other day, something wrong happened.
It made me upset.
I'm trying not to remember it.

On the other day, something happy happened.
It made me smile.
I'm trying to keep the memory in my heart.

On the other day, I was thinking about a lot of things.
I want to be a bird.
I want to lay down on a cloud.
I want to meet to a person.
I'm missing you so bad, you've never knew.

One day, I'll be free from everything.
I feel so light, as light as the air around you.